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Object Alterations

Post by Belgar » Fri Oct 20, 2017 1:39 am

Over the next few weeks/months, I will be editing select object groups and posting limited details here if for no other reason than so mortals can be informed of changes to their environment.

I would personally appreciate it if people were to voice their concerns or questions here where they can be addressed.

  • - The Blackened Longsword, 2-hander, fixed the wear flags so that it is now properly a weapon and can be used to kill things rather than just held onto. :D|
  • Campfires-
    • - Campfires have been altered with regards to strength (mostly increased), duration(mostly increased), decaying (into smaller fires).
      - ALERT: [get torch campfire] will now allow you to loot torches from a campfire :) (limited amount per fire)
      - At this point in time: Torches, Candles, Lanterns, Fireplaces, One-power light sources have all been adjusted(187 objects total). You'll notice that the only thing you should concern your self with is the size of the light source (small/medium/large) and the type. You no longer have to sort through the ~20 lanterns to figure out which is the best /IF/ you pay attention to weight is a function of fuel capacity. Light strength, now, that one I'll let you figure out :).
      - Remaining to do: non-pickupable lamps(51), and the really odd light objects like stalagmites(34).
    Liquid containers will soon (as soon as the patch is copied over to the mud) calculate their weight properly. No more gaining more weight... as you empty it.
  • Torches -
    • Light strength was increased, in some cases substantially.
      Duration for the most part remained the same.
      Weight was adjusted, for the most part, downward and is now a function on duration.
    Ter'angreal x2 have been created,
    • -one that gifts you 5/10/20 percent of your earned exp per kill per mud hour.
      -Oneincreases your notations gains by a factor of 1 in 20 and accounts for the "notation adjustment" that occurs when you report to your superiors. I am looking for ideas for where you guys would like these to load :)

    • Strength - All lanterns share the same light strength now
      Duration - Duration is now a reflection (pun intended)
      of size. Larger lanterns last longer. Here's what you need to know. Anything labelled as "small" has a smaller capacity than anything not labelled as "large". If it has neither small or large as labels, it is smack in the middle.
      A large lantern will now last you through the entire mud night plus some.
      Weight - This is now a factor of duraction. Longer duration = more weight. by a factor of 0.04 per hour.
      Cost = Also a factor of duration. 0.4*Duration*20.

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Re: Object Alterations

Post by Zanel » Fri Oct 20, 2017 3:45 pm

Super excited for these alterations Belgar, much needed! May I request that containers (I.e fuel containers) bug be looked at? Generally fuel containers weigh a ridicolous amount and seem to increase the less fuel that’s in it. I think it is the same with water containers as well.

Thanks again!

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Re: Object Alterations

Post by Belgar » Fri Oct 20, 2017 4:23 pm

In the works are: containers, liquid containers, fountains, plants, potions, and sheaths.

1) by way of FYI: this is the initial process to make it so that you can create these objects via crafting :)

2) Liquid container weight is bugged. It almost calculates it backwards. Oil flask at load is 40/100 full and weighs 6.00#. Full (100/100) it weighs 1#. Empty (0/100) it weighs 13#.

Weight will be a component of size and material, details will follow.

Max has fixed this on the devmud (alternate mud the coders break things on) and it will cross over after he has finished his current project list.

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Re: Object Alterations

Post by Aisle » Wed Jul 18, 2018 6:31 pm

Just following up whether those ter'angreal, specificially the increased notations one, have been implemented?


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