Maxim's Color System

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Maxim's Color System

Post by Ganelon » Wed Mar 07, 2012 3:28 am

Shortly before retiring, Maxim added something to help with keeping track of what's going on in the MUD. This was through expanding the arrangement of what colors could be applied to what text output fields.

A short while ago, there was a player or two unaware of this, so thought it might pay to keep a copy of it here for future reference.

These are in addition to the color complete and user color options.

The list of colors that can be applied can be found under HELP COLOR

Syntax: Change color (field) (color wanted)

change color hit
change color miss
change color opponent_hit
change color opponent_miss
change color other(or others, cant remember)-hit
change color other(s)_miss
change color skills
change color clan
change color say
change color tell
change color group
change color weather

Doing this from memory, so it may be hits, rather than hit, and misses rather than miss.

Anyone not using it, I highly recommend you do.
It's great for making combat easier to follow amongst other things.

If I've missed any fields it can be applied to, let me know.
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