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Post by Itrana » Fri May 08, 2009 6:16 pm

Valind wrote:There were a few questions earlier on tattoos and how/where to get them. Firstly, lets deal with where.

How to get that tattoo
As far as I know, the only current Tattoo Parlour is "The Painted Man", in Lugard, north and east of "The Crossing".

Once you've found the place, the first thing you should do is type tattoo. This will give you the possible locations on your body to tattoo, but can only be done inside the shop.

After you've done this, something useful to do is 'help tattoo' which will give you the syntax:

tattoo 'description' bodypart 1, bodypart 2, bodypart 3

Once you're done looking at those, its time to write up your tattoo. Say if you wanted a "Red flower with yellow polka dots" on your forehead. You'd type something like:

tattoo 'Red flower with yellow polka dots' forehead

But wait! The tattoo has no color. This is where 'help color' comes in. To add some beauty to it, try:

tattoo '&RRed flower &gwith &Yyellow polka dots&n' forehead

It should turn up something similar to (forum colors being different):

'Red flower with yellow polka dots'

Naturally, I doubt anyone would want such a hideous tattoo, but who knows?

However, there are two things to remember while designing a tattoo. Firstly, Tattoos are RP. Putting stuff like the red and gold dragons on your forearms will, obviously, be very stupid unwise. Secondly, clothing will cover up tattoos. Tad bit illogical to have a tattoo on your back, wear a shirt, vest, breatplate and cloak and assume you can still see it, no?

In any case, this guide should be sufficient. Any further questions can be asked, and I or someone else will try to answer if we can.

Bannerman Valind Kel'Thai, Supplicant Lord of House Damodred

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