Improved Dispatches for Nobility

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Improved Dispatches for Nobility

Post by Zanel » Thu Nov 09, 2017 3:24 am

Hey all,

I posted this on Trakand forums, but I thought it may be a good idea to bring the discussion here, as it could apply to not only my nobility clan, but all nobility clans and dispatches as a whole.

At the moment, getting cp in Trakand, and as I would imagine all nobility clans, is pretty lacking. I was hoping we could revamp this with a few more tasks:

General tasks-

I would love for dispatches to be tiered. For 1-5 (6 is when you hit lord) I think the tasks should be manual labor tasks. Besides the gathering meat and chopping wood dispatches I had a few ideas for these. Shearing sheep, mining for gemstones, fishing, and maybe mucking out stables? The variety could help make the lower ranks go by a lot quicker. For 5+ it could be more lordly lady-like tasks. A training task where you train house soldiers. Escort task where you escort one of the high ladies/lords somewhere. Would be cool if you could do negotiations but that would involve a lot of scripting.

Courier tasks:
You have to bring a message or package to another house within a time frame.

Bandit notations:
Bandits are a nuisance for any nobility clan, it would make sense to get notations and rewarded for killing them. This could start at rank 2+.

Just some ideas.

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