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Najira Traemane
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Najira Traemane

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Childhood was tumultuous to say the least. I am an only child and unfortunately I was orphaned just before my 8th nameday and shuffled from guardian to guardian. I have no idea why, I truly was a pleasant child. Yes there were incidents here and there but it was only in fun as I was bored. Eventually I ended up being sent to Aunt Sidonie who is both my official guardian and my regent. We eventually worked out an agreement where I would lend her home the prestige of my name and in return I would go easy on her menials.

As far as what happened to my parents on what was to be their final visit to the family Estate just east of Mariton no one knows. One rumor is that they were set upon by Bandits, yet another is that they were assassinated by a relative trying to seize control of the house. It’s doubtful that the truth will be discovered after so many years. But if my parents were assassinated whoever did it forgot to take me into consideration. With the death of my parents only two people currently stand between me and command of Traemane. And strangely enough they are both quite old so perhaps when I reach my maturity and the regency ends I will be high seat!

Each year on my Nameday Aunt Sidonie and I would travel to somewhere new. Her belief was that reading about a place was not enough and that one should visit to truly learn of the people and take their measure. We stayed in fine Inns and gracious estates, the family name being enough to grant us entrance. In the travels I met many High Lords and Ladies and even more important their strengths and weaknesses.

For my fourteenth Nameday Aunt Sidonie and I traveled to Tar Valon. This was a trip I had long wanted to take. My desire was to be taught leadership and command within the White Tower following the tradition of Andoran Queens. Yes I dream of being Queen someday. Some say it is a dream shared by many other young Andoran girls, but I have the bloodlines to challenge for the throne when Mordrellan dies. Enough digression, I find Tar Valon to be beautiful, yet it’s not Caemlyn. The architecture is exactly as described in the books I studied yet it doesn’t have the pulse and warmth of Caemlyn.

We spend weeks slowly touring Tar Valon and eventually are granted an audience with the Amyrlin Seat. ( I can’t believe the woman kept us waiting so long) During our audience it was discovered that I could learn to be an Aes Sedai. I was thrilled at discovering that I could be not only Queen someday but Aes Sedai too. Even though both Aunt Sidonie and the Amyrlin say I am currently to young to start my training in the Tower. I state valid reasons why I should be allowed to remain and ultimately my wish to remain is granted. I am now a Novice (I hate that term, I should have been allowed to start as at least an Accepted given my status) of the White Tower.

Several Years later

The last few years have been tedious to say the least. I have learned to use the one power and my teachers say I am progressing well. Unfortunately I am still being assigned menial tasks on a daily basis, but I will persevere as this is a necessary step in my path to the Lion Throne. Word has it that Queen Mordrellen has gone into seclusion due to some illness so perhaps my ascension to the throne will be sooner rather than later. In the meantime I study politics and history with the Aes Sedai of the Gray and Blue Ajah in between my regular classes. I will be prepared when the time comes to form alliances and stake my claim.

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