Late in the Tower

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Late in the Tower

Post by Krinata Almandar » Sat Jan 25, 2014 3:28 am

The tea was cold hours ago, but Krin sips it anyways as she pours through yet another ancient text. Carefully analyzing each word she is looking for anything that would substantiate Sargon’s claim. “I know he’s right” she thinks to herself “I just need to find proof that Mother and the Keeper will accept”

Setting the large leather bound book aside, she rubs her tired eyes and picks up the next tome from the stack beside her. Opening it she carefully reads each page, jotting down notes in a small journal. She sighs “Nothing substantial” as her tired mind drifts to the young Accepteds she has been teaching .. “I wish I was wrong, can I teach them what they will need to know fast enough? Will they be ready? The shadow’s touch on the world seems stronger each day”

Forcing herself back to the task at hand she continues reading but her mind drifts again. “I wish it hadn’t been necessary to send Riley to Merean, I saw her in the halls today dutifully going about her chores before going to practice her weaves, she is so determined to do the best she can” her mind drifts to Hana with much potential and just as much to learn..Salerre steadily progressing..then to the Novices …”will there be enough time to teach them what they must learn, I wish I was wrong.”

Hours later she is still methodically reading hoping to find a clue or the proof the Amyrlin needs…another cup of tea has grown cold…
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