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Lizandra carefully inspects the gash on her leg, thinking to herself “I got lucky this time” then deciding that no stitches are necessary this time, she wraps the wound in clean linen and neatly ties off the bandage. At least there had been only three bandits, one or two more and the outcome would not have been good for Lizandra or the woman she was escorting to Cairhein. “If I'm to do this for a living I must get more training” she says to herself. But where?

Letting her mind drift back a few years:

I never set out to be a hired sword, but my other options were unacceptable to put it mildly. I wasn't about to marry the man who had been selected for me to seal a political alliance. Granted it wouldn't have lasted long given his age. Blood and ashes he was old enough to be my Grandfather! I just couldn't face the thought of marrying him even though it would have pleased my family. I spoke at length with my parents and finally convinced them that this would not work. They were not pleased, as they wanted a good match for me, but they also wanted me to be happy.

Deciding to make the ramifications of my refusal to marry easier for them I left my comfortable life in Mayene and took to the road. I soon learned that the road was not a good place for a woman alone. Luckily my brothers had indulged my desire to learn the sword. And my perseverance with that small blade, in spite of of their laughter and jeers, is what kept me alive in the initial days on the road. Ultimately it became a means for me to earn a living. To my brothers and their friends it was a joke that a mere girl preferred the sword to needlepoint and flower arranging. Thank the light I stuck with it.

I sold my dresses and started wearing boys attire, keeping my hair tied back. This enabled me to find work as an outrider for merchant caravans. In the evenings at the campfire I watched the more experienced guards spar. I watched how they moved, how they used their swords in various ways taking in every bit of knowledge I could. And when I could, I'd spar. I got laughed at again, collected bruises to numerous to count but I was determined to learn.

Ending her reminiscing her thoughts turn to the issue at hand:

“What can I do for now?” she thinks to herself.” Is there a school that helps one hone their swordsmanship skills? I certainly don't want to be tied to a city and do patrols all day as part of some guard. Musing a bit more she thinks about things she enjoys “ I like keeping other women safe, I like the traveling. There must be a place I can improve my skill and avoid days like this.” Decision made she takes action.

After several weeks of asking around she finally hears about a school in Tar Valon. It sounded like it might be the answer to the issue at hand. Taking a job escorting two Cairheinan women of middling rank she makes her way to Tar Valon, after seeing them to their destination she seeks out the school and meets with Shiandra.

Submitting to a thorough assessment of my current skills, strengths and weaknesses and with a much lighter purse, I am assigned a room in the barracks and told get a good night's sleep. I must be on the practice field early in the morning and report to Armelle for my initial training.

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