Color bleed for tiny beehive

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Color bleed for tiny beehive

Post by artja » Fri Jul 20, 2018 7:03 pm

Might be a color bleed for a tiny beehive. The following log doesn't show color, but Ill explain why I think so.

Corpses are usually a dark green color for me. The three listed here were a normal white color. Immediately after the small behind were mobs who brown/dark yellow. Also the bees within the tiny behive were colored correctly, so it wasn't a bleed effect from the damaged one.

A damaged beehive with no bees near it is here.
A tiny beehive is here with a few bees buzzing around it.
The corpse of a laughing hyena is lying here.
The corpse of a black bear cub is lying here.
The corpse of a golden-maned lion is lying here.
A small beehive with a number of bees buzzing around it.

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