Recruitment Incentives for Clans

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Recruitment Incentives for Clans

Post by Niila » Thu May 23, 2013 9:31 pm

Hi everyone!

Recruitment incentives are as follows:
Recruiting a completely new member: 3 cps.
Recruited member reaching rank 2: 5 cps.
Recruited member reaching rank 3: 7 cps.
Recruited member reaching rank 4: 9 cps.
Recruited member reaching rank 5: 11 cps.
Recruited member reaching rank 6: 13 cps.
Recruited member reaching rank 7: 15 cps.

The incentives are only rewarded IF the member is one rank or more below the recruiter. For example, recruiting someone at rank 4 and then once they reach rank 3, the recruiter stops getting benefit for the recruited members success UNLESS the recruiter has reached rank 5 by then.

Betraying the clan: If a recruited member leaves/betrays the clan, the recruiter will get their rewards reduced by 1/10 to what they've received at that point, rounding down.

Recruitment incentives are ONLY gained from players who join the clan as a new member (so no old member) and first time in that type of clan (so no getting incentives for example if the member is taken from another guard clan member into the next guard clan).

So what's the point of recruitment? Well, it's to encourage people to get involved with one another and in general generate more RP in terms of both helping the recruited members ahead. Use common sense when you deal with this system, IE shower someone directly with cps unless they actually deserved it in one way or another.

Enjoy recruiting,

P.S. The recruitment awards are given by the Staff.
P.S.S. No making level 1 alts and recruiting them in hopes of rewards. I mean it. :)

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