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Ventrilo server

Post by Shawnyve » Thu Jun 04, 2009 2:37 am

Ok we've added the ventrilo server back on the server. Its the free vrs so we can only have 8 connections at a time. If you want to hang out and chat or feel it might help in a smob or maybe a mob raid, by all means pop on. to d/l the program
server is default port

For those that don't know what ventrilo is: Ventrilo is a voice chat program. Lets you actually talk with a group of other people that are also logged into the server, if you have a microphone. IMO its much better sound if you use a headset/mic setup, you get less background sound and echobacks which can be painful for other people.

IF this gets used and we find we need more then 8 connections we can rent a server for 25 users at around $12 a month. Of which we'd need to do donations to get as i'm rather poor. i'm paying for the website and maxim is hosting the server ;).

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