Gaining extra cps

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Gaining extra cps

Post by Shawnyve » Sat Jun 06, 2009 2:37 pm

As some of you know, while your in the White Tower clan you are required to take different classes at each rank. The wisdoms are now given a primer at each rank that explains stuff that they should know and deal with. I'd really like to see this sort of stuff in all the clans. Those in military clans should be taking classes in strategy, tons of different things they should be doing.

This also promotes RP and interaction, though it can hold up ranking if nobody is active, but we can bypass that if needed.

Anyways the point of my post is to remind and/or inform people that you can write these things and have them turned into books that load in the world or classes that we'll script. Your character will be rewarded with cps depending on the length/complexity of your item we're setting a standard of 3-5 cps and a limit of 3 per month allowed.

Being able to write books is not restricted to just clan stuff. If you'll notice around the world books are loading and they actually have stuff in them. Take a look at them, there are some interesting ones. If you have an idea for one write it out and we'll add it in with your chars name on it. You may also do maps, we have a map seller in a few spots I believe.

Oh and another way you can gain extra cps is through the design of standard quests for your clan. You'll need to write up or name all the mobs/objs/rooms needed for the quest plus the quests dialogues if you want the mobs to speak specifically. This has become much more viable since the the brand new Questmaker code that Talion put in this past week. If interested, please talk to your local friendly immortal.

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