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New home

Post by Maxim » Tue Jun 26, 2018 4:36 am

MirrorsMUD has a new home! The technical details probably don't matter to many people, except for one facet: the network connection is now far faster than it ever has been in the past.

Overall, Mirrors' has more RAM available to it, less disk space (but less need for it), and more internet speed.

We're also consolidating and into Both DNS entries point to the same server, and that means (what you're likely viewing right now) can also be viewed at The new theme is simply because the Dark Fantasy theme we had been using no longer works with the newly upgraded phpBB.

As a side note, the new host that Mirrors is running on has different versions of the compilers/libraries that make the game run. It's quite possible that commands that worked fine previously will suddenly crash the mud. If it happens, try to send me or Niila a message about what happened when the MUD crashed and we'll fix it.


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