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Post by Ganelon » Sat Mar 05, 2011 9:21 am

Some rather far ranging changes will be being made soon as coding time permits. We're bringing this up in advance of it's completion because it will have a bearing on other things going on that are related.

* The 'grats' channel is getting removed.

- In four years, I've barely seen the thing get used. It doesnt serve much purpose, so it's getting replaced by a PK channel due to the greater interest in PK on the MUD over the last year or two.

- For those with zero interest in PK going on, you will be able to toggle it off and ignore it completely.
For those PK'ing, you'll now no longer have to monitor OOC gossip on the off chance there's a relevant message there while doing your thing.

* Aiel will be able to use the same WHO list as
Wetlanders (ie, the two will be combined into one), and they will be to hear Wetlander GOSSIP and vice versa.

- For those balking at this idea, Aiel are not a seperate race, just a seperate people.

- Since gossip channel is OOC, this will allow for general chatting between both groups about things and allow for a little more interaction between players.

Some general notes:

- None of the rules concerning the circumstances PK can happen in have changed. This is not a PK MUD. It has elements of PK only. The addition of this channel is not the nod by immortals for free-range PK either same-side or cross race.

- Do not use the channel except for the reason it is being put in. Ability to use channels can be removed from individual players.
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Re: WHO list and CHANNELS

Post by Niila » Thu Mar 17, 2011 3:01 pm

Aiel and Wetlanders are now in same gossip and who list. The grats changing to a pk channel (which is togglable off) will be coming soonish.

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