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 Post subject: Mieditable gear..
PostPosted: Sat Jun 04, 2016 8:02 am 
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Hello everyone,

A few years backwards (was it that long ago..?) I was working on crafting. The key point about crafting was being able to edit the descriptions of the items you crafted to suit your fancy. This wonderful editor was called 'miedit' or 'mortal item editor' for longer form.

Now, since crafting has been stalled by numerous things, I thought to myself I might as well allow some items to be mieditable even as is right now. So I went around and looked for a bit, and decided that yes, why not, let's make items load which you can miedit.

So what's mieditable? Well, right now there aren't that many items. The unblemished leather armor set can be miedited, as well as the silver reinforced set. They load on various smobs, so go out there and start smobbing! Oh, and reinforced burnished set (the 80% abs set) is mieditable too. Notice though, you'll have to acquire new pieces in order to be able to edit them; only new versions of the items can be miedited. At some point, I'll probably get around to writing code that you can determine just by looking at object whether they're mieditable or not..

Also, some weapons are mieditable. Here's a list of them:
- a General's greatsword
- a dual bladed warstaff
- a war flail set with sparkling gems
- a narrow long dagger with ivory-hilt
- a short sword with a cold, icy blade

This is the interface you get when you start editing:

1) Namelist                : narrow long dagger ivory hilt ivory-hilt
2) Inventory description   : a narrow long dagger with ivory-hilt
3) On floor description    :-
A narrow long dagger with ivory-hilt has been left here.

4) Extra descriptions menu
5) Wear message(self)   : (null)
6) Remove message(self) : (null)
7) Wear message(room)   : (null)
8) Remove message(room) : (null)
Q) Quit

Namelist determines what handles of text will be able to be triggered in order to use the item. Separate them by spaces.

Inventory description determines what the item will look like in your inventory as well as when you're wearing it.

On floor description will determine what your item looks like when it's left on the floor.

Extra descriptions will open up a secondary editor where you can put fancy descriptions what the items looks like when you look at it. And yes, you can have even 'more' descriptions inside descriptions, so if you have for example a inscription on the item, you can have a separate description for the inscription.

Wear messages should be fairly obvious. Essentially, 'self' have 'you' in front of them, so for example if you added "slip into gorgeous gown" it would then display when you wear it as "You slip into gorgeous gown". Room messages will always display character name as first, so if you added 'slips into a gorgeous gown' it would show as 'Niila slips into a gorgeous gown'.

When you use 'quit', it'll ask if you want to save the master piece. Answer it 'y' if you want to make it that. If you hit 'n' it's going to cancel all your work and you won't be able to edit the item again, so be sure you really, really are ready to edit the item before you type 'miedit XXX' where XXX is the item you're editing.

Also, leaving them to be (null) is okay. It'll use a default message. If you want to remove your message, you can just 'hit enter' once you've chosen the choice of editing the message and it'll default back to (null). Or should. Don't type '(null)' to it though.

Extra descriptions menu
1) Keyword: narrow dagger long ivory hilt ivory-hilt
2) Description of keyword:
This ivory-hilted dagger gleams with dangerous light.  The guard seems to be of
gray steel, the blade itself narrow but solid, sharp, yet easily broken.  The
ivory-hilt of the dagger seems to have thin spiralling line of gold on the
surface, going along the blade as if vines circling around a tree.

3) Goto next description: <Not set>

0) Quit

This editor is pretty self-explainatory. Add in handles to keywords, description of what you get when you look at it to description of keyword. Hit goto next description if you want to add it further descriptions with different keywords.


Report any bugs / stuff to me. Oh, and if you decide to make inappropriate items using miedit, well.. you've been warned.

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 Post subject: Re: Mieditable gear..
PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2016 7:04 pm 

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Hi, Niila.

A few things don't seem to be working.

5) Wear message(self) :
6) Remove message(self) :
7) Wear message(room) :
8) Remove message(room)
None of those appear to be taking.


2) Inventory description
Inventory description has some weird behavior. Like both items in inventory, one has been miedited, one hasn't. They'll "pick up" the inventory description of the other one. It happens both ways. A miedited object will pick up the inv description of the non-miedited one and vice versa.

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 Post subject: Re: Mieditable gear..
PostPosted: Sat Sep 23, 2017 11:15 am 
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To update this, the "soft blue linen" set is also mieditable now. Xavi asked for it a while back, blame/praise him for the change. :)

P.S. This applies to new instances of the objects only. So if you already have any blue linen lying about, that's not going to work. You'll have to reacquire them to be able to miedit them.

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