Danger in the Braem

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Danger in the Braem

Post by Mandein » Tue Jan 28, 2014 5:50 am

The door of the Flying Tortoise Tavern flies open and a man walks in somberly, his eyes wide with disbelief. More than a few eyes follow him as he trudges slowly to the bar.

"Sara, I need a drink. A very stout drink if you please." the man says to the innkeeper.

Sara looks at him a moment, but starts to fix him the drink he had asked for. The man looks up at Sara and shakes his head as he says, "The hunters. The ones we hired to get rid of the wolves that were seen around the farms..." the man sighs heavily, closing his eyes for a moment. "They're dead, Sara. All of them. Even that scary scarred fellow."

Sara gasps and leans in closer, washing a dirty cup in her hands as she listens. The two of them not really noticing the rest of the crowd leaning in to listen as well.

"And what's more, by the look of the bodies I'd guess wolves had set on them except their were bruises also as if they'd been beaten in a brawl. And the scarred one...he was torn to pieces! And I ain't ever seen a pack of wolves do what was done to that one!"

"Hog's wash! The wolves must have just torn him up as they ate at him!" called a young patron.

The man shook his head, "There wasn't any of him missing though. There was just the pieces of him flung about. And I don't claim to be a great tracker but there was wolfprints clear as day coming into their camp from the north. And..."

The man bites his lip, uncertain of saying the last bit for fear of being called mad or a liar. After some urging from the listeners he finally gives in and finishes, "There was another set of prints with them, small ones that looked human. Handprints as well as if the person was running on all fours like an animal!"

A few of the listeners tried to laugh it off, but most could tell by the look of the man that he was dead serious. The man took a long drink of what Sara had poured him, wincing slightly at the burn. The tavern grew silent.

"So what should we do?" Sara asked, finally breaking the silence in the room.

"I don't know what we can do, we had already tried to hire help and that hasn't worked out so well." said the man. "Perhaps it's time we contacted those who are supposed to keep us safe."

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