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Wetlander Newbie Zone

Post by Ganelon » Sat Apr 18, 2015 5:33 pm

I'm putting this here and pinning it so it can be easily found and referenced by older players returning.
* The zone has been expanded from some 50 odd rooms to roughly 160 rooms (with an attendant increase in mobs).

* There is also a number of extra items of equipment added that were not obtainable previously.

* A much shorter than normal repop time should ensure nobody has to wait on others to either XP or do quests.

* A few small items can be gained by the weary merchant on the hilltop just before Crysa by saying HELP.

* A couple of extra horses have been loaded south of Crysa.

* There are now two Jak mobs in the zone due to changes in the second quest. On first encountering a Jak mob, he will give some explanation of pracs and prac mobs. This will only activate once, then set a pvar to the character's file. He also explains how to get to the help files for each skill.

* Crysa's quests remain unchanged. If you forget which quest you're on, typing REMINDER will display them again. The general direction of the quest objects remains the same – one to the north, one to the west, one to the south west. The actual location of the objects is of course different to previously.

* Within Sumar's mansion, Captain Lem's combat explanations and the parchment he issues has been restored to working order.

* A basic explanation of clans and how to join one can be obtained from the Hasty Scribe.

* An explanation of the armor skill and shields and bucklers can be obtained from Sergeant Hal'var.

*Sumar's crown is now in an area far from the mansion, and in a different direction.


That's pretty much the general changes. There are other numerous small things that can be found while using the zone.

It should be noted that numerous people have worked on both the old and expanded version of the Newbie Zone: Mouser, Shockler, Keruk, Velix, Nibiru, Niila, myself – and others who's names are escaping me for the time being.

As usual, constant refining will go on as I notice things/have them reported to me.
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