At the Edge

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At the Edge

Post by Aruon » Thu Dec 22, 2011 5:12 am

He could feel the dry and terrible heat coming from all directions, but within the Void he simply ignored the discomfort. With his eyesight, he could see the frontier landscape of the deserts and emptiness that seemed to him as the end of the world. Yet he knew there were people living, and thriving, there. People of legendary strength and skill. The people of the Waste.

Alone he stood there, leaning against a nearby building as he watched the traffic moving about the small town. It was the last "Wetlander" town before the Waste, and it was as far as he may ever get to satisfy his curiosity. In his mind, he knew the law of the land that all Tower affiliates were banned from entering the lands just beyond that gate. A sudden grating sound turned his attention away from the crowd and back to the temptation that was the unknown.

The gate was starting to close; a few guards giving each other small talk as they drew the wide opening ever smaller. On the other side, the signs of dusk were coming upon the endless wasteland. Yet despite the danger, his heart echoed his curiosities to see the lands for himself.

It was not a rule he would break, and probably not one he could ever change; but to sit here at the fringe of the world he knew was almost intoxicating. Did the Waste make its people strong, or did the people make the Waste a simple training ground? So many legends and rumors made it to his own ears. Yet how many would be true, or not far off?

The heat against rushed towards him as the scene beyond the gates lessened into a small vertical sliver. And then, it was gone. Even his eyes could not see through metal; his ears could not hear the distant echoes of the people that lived there. It was the worst kind of curiosity.

One that could never be satiated.

Sighing slightly, he turned to where Arleve was still talking to a merchant. Or in reality, a rumor tradesman. There were terrible things happening nearby and they were going to put an end to it. Walking away from the gate, and the possibility of seeing the lands beyond if it opened again that same day, he resumed his guard and listened closely to pick out the lies and truths about the traders.

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